Curious About Who We Are?

We are a small business web development company based in Geelong Victoria Australia. But rest assured that we can offer our services Australia wide and Internationally. In fact, some of our customers are based in the UK.

Web Development Experience

We have been involved in small business web design pretty much since the late 90’s designing our own websites and then offering our services to businesses to establish a web presence for their business.

Our Websites

Customers Websites

We have sought to be more than a web developer and have sought to offer our customers great customer service by advising them on such things as: search engine optimization (see below), web hosting, web analytics, web pages to include on their website,

We are also familiar with PHP and have written a number of scripts in PHP.  Also, all the mental exercises available at are written in PHP.

Search Engine Optimization Experience (SEO)

We have been involved in SEO part-time for a number of years and have been involved full-time in SEO since 2003.

Other relevant things about us you might like to know:

– we are widely read in matters of SEO as we regularly receive SEO newsletters in a bid to keep up to date with the latest information/news,

– our CEO regularly contribute to the forum where his ‘nickname’ is ‘smbotans’. We encourage you to search for his posts and replies so you can see for yourself the knowledge he has and his willingness to help others with SEO issues,

– our CEO has written 2 excellent programs: Keywords Analysis (used to do keywords research using Overture and Google), and Keyword Page Generator (used to put together door way pages to target as many keywords as you want),

– our CEO has invented an alternative to KEI (which was invented by Sumantra Roy). This alternative is called CID (Competition Indexed Demand) and works like KEI except that it favours more competitive keywords whereas KEI favours high demand keywords,

– we have done some SEO work for others eg.

– our CEO has written 3 excellent articles: “Is Something Missing From Your Keywords Research? (Part 1 and Part 2)” and  “How To Make Your Backlinks Count I”. These 3 articles have been widely reproduced on the Internet.

Note: we only support white hat seo and have never supported black hat seo (and we never will).

Privacy Notice

We do not support spam of any sort, we never have and we never will. To that end, your contact details (including your email address) will never be given away or sold to anyone and for any reason. That is a promise!