5 Ways to Promote Your Mobile Website

So you’ve decided to take the not-so big leap and create a mobile website? Congratulations! You are
truly at the head of the pack.

Mobile websites are the future of web design and Internet marketing, and
anyone who wants to maintain an edge when it comes to having a strong web presence simply cannot
afford not to have a mobile site.

Now that you have your mobile site, what do you do with it? You need
site visitors, and that means getting the word out.

Here are five ways to promote your mobile website:

Your traditional site.

Announce your mobile website on your traditional website.

Use a banner, or an otherwise obvious attention attracting device,
to let your site visitors know they can now access you while they’re on the go.

Include a link to your mobile site, and also a few details about what makes your mobile site unique.

Broadcast email.

If you aren’t marketing through email, you should be.

And spreading the word about your mobile website to your existing customers is a perfect example of a reason why.

Social media.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are a great way to announce your new mobile website.

You don’t have to sell people on your site because they are already your friends and followers.

A short and sweet message informing them of your new venture, along with the link, is
perfect for promoting your mobile website through social media.

Just be sure to announce the news several times, at different times of day, so as to reach as many contacts as possible.

Get specific.

You can customize the promotion of your mobile website to the type of business you run.

The opportunities are all around you, and you just have to look for them.

For example, if you have a storefront, display giant signs with the site link;

if your customers regularly call in and wait on hold, promote the new site with an on-hold message; if you send out a monthly newsletter, include your site
information on the front page.


Include the mobile site link on all of your marketing materials; make it part of your brand.

It should be on your business cards, in your advertisements, and in the signature of all your email correspondence.

A mobile website can take your Internet potency to the next level.

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