Do You Really Need an eCommerce Web Site?

Here are some pros and cons for you to consider

In case you missed it on a previous page, an ecommerce type web site is one that enables you to see digital or physical goods online, especially if you want a shopping cart thus making it possible for your customers to purchase several things at the same time from you.

An example of an ecommerce type web site, and of the ecommerce script we will install and configure for you, is Christmas Turkeys.


There are many advantages to having an ecommerce type web site but please be aware that it is not for everybody. Pros of this type of site we could think of are:

 managing items to sell: adding, deleting or editing items you want to sell is easy to do. The ecommerce script we will install for you will allow you to have a photo of your item, a description, a price (of course), a sale price valid for a given period of time, and lots more ...

 themes: changing the look of the site is very easy to do, usually just a question of selecting a new theme. The ecommerce we will install for you has a number of free (and not free) templates you can obtain online, upload to your site for you to see if you like them or not. And if you do find one you like, keeping it is very easy to do,

add-ons: depending on the ecommerce script you are using, there may be add-ons developed by supporters of the given script that will be available to extend the functionality of your ecommerce site.

The ecommerce script we will install  contains a long list of such add-ons already included. Such add-ons are: Google adsense so you can make money from your visitors, RSS feeds so your visitors can keep informed of new products you have added, product comments so your customer can make a comment on the products they have bought, and lots more ...

time savers: they are a huge time saver as you can just focus on adding items you want to sell online. There is absolutely no need for you to worry about HTML or CSS code, Javascript or PHP code, and so on ...


eCommerce type web sites do have negatives you need to be aware of. The ones we could think of are:

 themes I: there may not be a theme you like available for free or for a fee. This means that you may have to settle for a theme that is not really what you want or having to employ someone to develop a specific theme for the ecoomerce script you are using,

themes II: while changing a theme will be easy to do, you must warned that doing so may require your banner to be edited or redesigned as the size and/or colour of the new theme may not match those of the banner of your current theme,

theme tweaking: if you happen to like a particular theme but would like to change a couple of things, this could be difficult,

steep learning curve: depending on your current level of skills, there could be a lot to learn in a short period of time to become proficient enough to be able to use the ecommerce script to work on your web site,

search engine optimisation: be aware that web sites designed using some ecommerce scripts will be very hard to properly optimise for search engines. The one that we will install for you is not one of them, otherwise we would not recommend it to you!

add-ons: you will rely on 3rd party add-ons to expand the functionality of your web site. This means that you will rely on the hope that the add-on will work without fault, that the developers will fix promptly any bugs you find and report, and so on ...

third-party scripts: you may have difficulty incorporating third party scripts (written in Javascript, PHP, ASP, and so on...) into your ecommerce based site, especially if the scripts are not written specifically for the ecommerce script you are using.

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