Do you have a home business but are without a website which you can sell your products from? Maybe it is too expensive for you to hire a professional? Maybe you just don’t know where to start with getting the right information for you to do it yourself? My friend, Teresa, had similar reservations but through some basic principles I helped her get up and running with her home business (MistyLeeMakes) with minimal fuss, time and money spent!

I can help you getting up and running with your own online shop, built by you, for only £10. I have created a specific guide which will, step by step, walk you through the process of creating your very own online shop without

You obviously have a great product, so don’t let the lack of a website hold you back selling on line.

The Guide is downloadable as a pdf file, upon payment, for a modest cost of £10 (to pay for the time I have spent on creating it, and this website). I would also be available to deal with any initial queries regarding its content completely free of charge. Why? Because in a world of corporate redundancies and scandal, and all round mistrust, I firmly believe that the do-it-yourself approach to business (create your own!) is the future, and I want to give everyone the knowledge I have acquired to help them be a part of this.

I will continue to update the Guide, and this site, to add to the knowledge I have provided already.

Step 1 – Have a product, and commit to selling it online . Step 2 – Buy a domain name for your site. COST = approximiately £5 per year. Time taken = 10 minutes.

Step 3 – Buy Internet hosting package. COST = approximiately £30 per year…