Yet, as great as it is, sometimes you just don’t know quite enough to make your WordPress website look the way you want. Or do what you want. Or represent your business the way it should.

Well that’s easy! It’s because when you follow the recipe inside, blending together the right amount of HTML, CSS and WordPress, you’ll end up with a dish to die for. A dish of a website, that is—just like the pros.

While WordPress is one of the most user-friendly, intuitive platforms on the market today (and with good reason), there are simply some things that aren’t so obvious. Things you need in order to make your website look and perform the way you need it to. Things like—drum roll—HTML and CSS.

That’s right—maybe you’ve never thought about learning HTML or CSS, but this is one skill set that, once learned, you’ll be able to take back control over your website, end your frustration, save yourself tons of time, and, most importantly, make your site do what you want it to.

While HTML and CSS might seem daunting, once you understand how it works, it’s a breeze to cook up a site you’ll absolutely love. (Okay, so maybe not entirely a breeze, but I promise—it’s very doable.)

The WP Stew Guide to HTML + CSS + WordPress was developed precisely to help you go from so-so WordPress user…to WordPress master chef extraordinaire. What does that mean? It means you’ll be in a newfound position to whip up your own batch of possibilities—using only the finest ingredients—when it comes to what you can accomplish with your WordPress website. Bon apetit!

Imagine knowing just the right tweak to…