I’m Ruth Barringham, a writer, author, internet marketer and web page designer from Brisbane Australia.

Years ago I began working as a full-time writer but I quickly realized that in order to make more money, I needed to have my own website.

So I bought some web page designing software that was supposed to be an easy-peasy "drag-and-drop" way to create a web page with no previous knowledge required.

But I quickly discovered that I just about needed a degree in how to use the software PLUS it was limited in the number of web page designs it could create.

So after many unsuccessful attempts at using the web page designing software, I decided that if I was going to do this, I needed to do it right. I needed to know what I was doing and know how to do it, so that I could be in complete control of creating and operating my own website.

So I scoured the internet until I found a web page design course that was aimed at complete newbies like me. The course I found wasn’t cheap and would take months to complete, but it promised that I would have my website completed and published on the internet by the time I finished the course.

The course was great and took me through all the stages of writing online content, to designing web pages, adding images, audios and videos, getting a hosting package for my site and uploading the whole thing to the internet.

The course I did only taught me the basics of writing HTML code (which is how all websites are made) but it was enough so that I could easily understand how to do it and I could build on that knowledge in the future if…