The Web Design Business Startup Kit 2nd Edition 194 page ebook titled "How to Start Your Own Freelance Web Design Business" This fast start guide is absolutely jam packed with proven techniques and strategies for building a successful web design business.

Web Design Business Workflow Chart The Web Design Business Workflow Chart shows you visually, each step of the entire process. Right from sales, to customer enquiries, through to acceptance of the work, site handover and ongoing support and maintenance. Having something like this is really useful if you’re not sure how the whole process pieces together.

69 Ready Made Contracts, Documents, Proposals and Worksheet Templates The essential collection for any freelancer. This document pack consists of 69 ready to use contracts, spreadsheets, agreements and proposals. You wont need to do anything. Just fill in the blanks with your client, business and project overview details and you’re ready to go.

My name is John Romaine, I’m a freelance web designer, and the creator of the Web Design Business Startup Kit. In March 2007, I quit my full time, high paying government job and decided to start my very own web design business, working from home. At the time I was determined, optimistic and to be honest, crapping my dacks! I had a lot of people laugh at me. A lot of friends tell me that I was "crazy" and a few others that said I’d surely fail, but I didn’t listen. I just knew I had to give it a go, otherwise I’d be stuck in a 9-5 job for the next 40 years "working for the man". No thanks! Even though I knew I had the technical skills, (because I’d already been designing websites since 2004) I…